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Hi! I'm Stacy.

little dove media was born out of my experience in the arts and my passion for infusing the personal in the professional. My journey in the world of social media began at Furnitureland South, an interior design leader and the world’s largest furniture store, more than 15 years ago. As businesses began to explore the use of social media, Furnitureland South was among the first to test the waters. Working in marketing and public relations there, I saw the potential of social media to build powerful online relationships and helped this early adopter by shaping their online voice and presence. Within a year, I was not only leading their social media strategy but positioned as a thought leader, educating the industry on best practices across the home furnishing industry. 


Having earned a reputation for building meaningful online relationships infused with a touch of brand sparkle, I desired new opportunities and formed my own agency: little dove media. There I deepened my commitment to the creative industries through my work with non-profit, interior design, home furnishings, and cultural organizations. Across communications design, marketing strategy, social media, and PR, I build inspiring, engaging experiences that connect current and future customers to impactful and imaginative brands.


Social media is about relationships ... those created online and nurtured in the real world. Through little dove media’s tools and techniques, we will create the story of your brand together, reach potential clients, raise brand awareness, and create a loyal following.

Want to share your story with the world? Drop me a line

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